Brief Overview

InterGuard, a solution of Awareness Technologies, provides employee-monitoring software that records and controls PC activity for loss and misuse.


Awareness Technologies
88 Post Road West, 1st Floor
Westport, Connecticut 06880
Tel: (800) 998 – 5621


Brad Miller, CEO of Awareness Technologies, was previously CEO of Perimeter eSecurity.


Mike Osborn and Ron Penna co-founded Awareness Technologies in 2002 to focus on counter-terrorism solutions. In 2010, a group headed by Brad Miller and First New England Capital invested $6.5M in Awareness Technologies. Headquartered in Connecticut, the company has an office in the UK.

Key Competitors

SpectorSoft, Dtex Systems

Products and Services

InterGuard provides monitoring and control products that can be grouped as follows:

• PC Monitoring – Records and controls all PC activity by employees
• Web Filtering – Records and controls all Web activity through URL blocking
• Data Loss Prevention – Provides detection of data leakage based on policies
• Laptop Anti-Theft – Geolocates stolen laptops for retrieval and deletion
• Log Management – Aggregates audit and event logs from security devices
• Mobile Management – Manages iOS and Android devices with software push and control features