Brief Overview

InterCrypto provides data encryption tools for files, disks, and media.


InterCrypto, Ltd.
Pacific Business Center
P.O. Box 34069 #381
Seattle, Washington 98124-1069


No information is available about the management at InterCrypto.


The first version of Advanced Encryption Package was released in 1998. After hundreds of improvements suggested by customers in over 80 countries, the company has evolved its product line to the modern Advanced Encryption Package for Windows.

Key Competitors

Axantum, WinMagic

Products and Services

InterCrypto provides a range of data encryption tools that can be grouped as follows:

• Advanced Encryption Package Professional – Used to encrypt files
• CryptoExpert 8 – Used for encrypting drives
• Master Voyager – DVD, CD, USB flash stick encryption
• Master Shredder and Master Uneraser – Used for file recovery and deletion