Brief Overview

Infoblox provides solutions for secure DNS as well as related network services, cloud, and virtualization.


3111 Coronado Drive
Santa Clara, California 95054
Tel: (408) 986 – 4000


Jesper Andersen, President and CEO of Infoblox since 2014, worked previously at Cisco and Oracle.


Founded by Stuart Bailey in 1999, Infoblox acquired Netcordia in 2010. The company trades on the NYSE and is headquartered in Santa Clara with offices in Annapolis, Chicago, New York, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, France, Frankfurt, Munich, Russia, Spain, The Netherlands, UK & Ireland, UAE, Singapore, Japan, Beijing, ShenZhen, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sydney, Korea, and India.

Key Acquisitions

IID (2016) – Threat intelligence
Internet Associates (2014)
Netcordia (2010) – Network task automation

Key Competitors


Products and Services

Infoblox provides the following set of products:

• Secure DNS
• Network Services (DNS, DHCP, IPAM)
• Hybrid Cloud and Virtualization
• Network Automation
• Threat Intelligence

The secure DNS capability protects against DNS attacks with mitigation of exploits, volumetric and DNS hijacking attacks. The company also offers a DNS firewall with a FireEye adaptor.