Brief Overview

InfoExpress provides network access control product solutions for enterprise customers.


InfoExpress, Inc.
3235 Kifer Road, #310
Santa Clara, California 95051
Tel: (613) 727 – 2090


Stacey Lum, Co-Founder, CEO, and CTO of InfoExpress, studied computer science and electrical engineering at UC Berkeley.


InfoExpress was established in 1993 as a dial-up information service. The first remote access VPN was provided in 1996, and the company had a firewall product in 1999. The private company is headquartered in California.

Key Competitors

ForeScout, Trustwave, Cisco

Products and Services

InfoExpress focuses on guest access to enterprise networks, BYOD support, policy inspection, and agentless policy enforcement. Specific products offered include:

• CGX – Starts with a CGX virtual machine or appliance server that provides core functions for the CGX solution. Custom rule sets and policies can be established for flagging devices, sending alerts, and restricting access.
• CyberGatekeeper – Checks for device compliance and will block rogue devices and assist in remediation.
• CyberGatekeeper Remote – Sits between the VPN, remote access server, and corporate network for NAC support.
• Dynamic NAC – Turns PCs into enforcers that monitors the network and stops rogues form gaining access without changes to the network.