Brief Overview

InfoAssure provides a crypto labeling solution for data owners to persistently protect their digital assets through a combination of cryptography and policy/role/content-based access controls. N2K provides both object level protection and access control in one unified application. Its crypto labeling platform called Need2Know® (N2K) empowers the data owner to control who can see what data on which device when and where even in the cloud.


InfoAssure, Inc.
23393 Cacaway Farm Lane
Chestertown, Maryland 21620
Tel: (410) 757 – 4188


James G. Lightburn, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of InfoAssure, was formerly co-founder and CEO of Information Operations Associates providing classified IO services to the US Government.


Info Assure was founded in 2002, and created a set of patented solutions under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. The company has close ties to the IC and Defense community of the US with Frank Carlucci (former National Security Advisor and Secretary of Defense) and the former LTG James Williams (was a former Director of the DIA) as stock holders and senior advisors to the company.

Key Competitors

SafeNet, Thales-Vormetric, Vera, Ionic Security

Products and Services

InfoAssure provides a software platform called Need2Know® (N2K) that offers object level layered data encryption protection and object level access control for any kind of data regardless of the source application using a scheme called crypto labeling. The N2K crypto labeling process burns the crypto label to any digital object converting it into a trusted data object and the policy decision point (PDP) and the policy enforcement point (PEP) remain with the trusted data object permanently. N2K labels are distributed to users (human or device) and are updated over the network and enforced using real-time authorization policies including label suspension and revocation. N2K is easy to use and easy to manage. N2K has a SDK with APIs so that the crypto labeling functionality can be integrated with any 3rd party product or legacy security solution. N2K has no backdoors.