Include Security

Brief Overview

Include Security offers information and application security assessment, advisory, and consulting services.


Include Security
Brooklyn, New York 10016
Tel: (424) 242 – 2592


Erik Cabetas is Founder and Managing Partner at Include Security.
Kensington Moore is Director of Sales and Business Development at Include Security.


The privately held company was founded in 2010, and is headquartered in New York City.

Key Competitors

NCC Group

Products and Services

Include Security is a boutique consulting firm with over 30 consultants. Their team stresses senior expertise, as they only hire experienced senior consultants, and a remote team to ensure work/life balance. They offer the following information security professional services for clients:
• Application Security Assessments – This includes Web applications, client applications, server applications, web services, IoT devices, consumer and vehicle hardware, embedded systems, and mobile applications.
• Reverse Engineering – This Includes software reverse engineering, competitive intelligence reverse engineering, exploit development (non-nation state), hardware reverse engineering, fuzzing, dynamic analysis tool creation.