INCA Internet

Brief Overview

INCA Internet is a Korean software company, also known as nProtect in the US that includes a line of security products such as anti-virus.


INCA Internet Co. Ltd.
ACE High End Tower
1201 Guo-3dong
Seoul, 152848
South Korea
Tel: 82 2 6220 8000

nProtect Inc.
3003 N. First Street #301
San Jose, California 95134


Young Heum Joo serves as President and CEO of INCA Internet.


Founded in 2000, the company is headquartered in both South Korea and San Jose, California.

Key Competitors

Kaspersky, AhnLab

Products and Services

In addition to their nProtect anti-virus/Spyware solution, and their GameGuard security solution for gaming companies, additional products offered by nProtect include the following:

• NOS – nProtect Online Security provides endpoint protection for financial transactions via malware monitoring, keystroke protection, anti-screen capture, anti-phishing, network protection, and DNS monitoring.
• NSRS – nProtect Security Reporting System provides real-time, cloud-based threat activity monitoring.
• NFDS – nProtect Fraud Detection and Prevention includes a rule engine that calculates risk score.
• nProtect Mobile – Includes a multi-layered mobile financial transaction solution.
• nProtect Defenstick – Personal data management on a secure USB stick.