Brief Overview

The InQuest platform provides high-throughput Deep File Inspection (DFI) for threat and data leakage prevention, detection, and hunting. InQuest aims to automate and scale the expert knowledge of a typical SOC analyst. Available on-premise or as a service, InQuest leverages a variety of sources in its automated decision-making engine. This includes bi-directional orchestration with multi-scanning and sandbox platforms, unique threat intelligence sources, and a seasoned signature development team augmented by machine learning.


2403 East 16th St. Studio Q
Austin, Texas 78702


Michael Arcamone serves as CEO. Pedram Amini serves as CTO.


Founded in 2013, the InQuest leadership and engineering teams are comprised of passionate security researchers hailing from both the public and private sectors. Our mission is to deliver our decades of lessons-learned to protect users and organizations everywhere. Two unmatched advantages fuel our team's differentiators. First, we've worked with thousands of real-world exploits from vulnerability discovery and exploitation specialists from all around the world. Second, we've vetted nearly every major security vendor under the Sun, having hands-on experience with the best of breed Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) and Open Source Software (OSS) solutions across the spectrum.

Key Competitors

BluVector, Fidelis, Reversing Labs, CoreLight

Products and Services

InQuest SaaS for web and e-mail protection. InQuest Managers and Collectors for on-premises deployments. Supporting network throughputs ranging from 100Mbit to 40Gbit in a 1RU form-factor. InQuest API for custom solutions.