Brief Overview

Identiv provides products for identity and smart card access including credentials, RFID support, and readers.


2201 Walnut Ave., Suite 100
Fremont, California 94538
Tel: (888) 809 – 8880


Steven Humphreys, CEO and Director of Identiv, was previously CEO of Flywheel Software.


The company is headquartered in Fremont, with operational headquarters in Santa Ana and Federal headquarters in Arlington. The company also has a presence in APAC, EMEA, and Japan. Identiv is a publicly trade company with common stock listed on the NASDAQ.

Key Competitors

HID Global, Identicard

Products and Services

Identiv provides a range of identity and trust-related products that can be grouped as follows:

• idOnDemand – Trusted identity and smart card solution
• Transponders – RFID and NFC technology
• uTrust Premises Readers – Physical access control support
• uTrust Software – Integrated software platform
• uTrust Credentials – Trusted credentials for converged access
• uTrust Information Readers – Secure logical access
• uTrust Controllers – Identiv controller
• Identiv Services – Range of “Identity-as-a-Service” offerings
• 3VR – Video data and analytics