ID Experts

Brief Overview

ID Experts provides solutions to support privacy incident response in sector such as medical and healthcare.


ID Experts
Lincoln Center One
10300 SW Greenburg Road, Suite 570
Portland, Oregon 97223


Tom Kelly serves as President and CEO of ID Experts.


Founded in 2003, ID Experts received $2.1M in venture funding from Rogue Venture Partners in 2013. The company is headquartered in Oregon with regional offices in Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas, Chicago, and San Diego.

Key Competitors

Resilient Systems

Products and Services

ID Experts provides privacy incident response support via the RADAR Saas platform. Capabilities include the following:

• Breach Risk Reduction
• Identity Protection Services
• Consistent Assessments
• Workflow Support
• Compliance Repository

The platform guides users through the process of assessing, analyzing, and responding to incidents. The platform captures incidents into a profile from which the RADAR Breach Guidance Engine can provide analytic support.