Brief Overview

IANS offers general and customized information security training and education through a range of events and services. Industry experts participate as faculty


2 Center Plaza, Suite 500
Boston, MA, 02108
Tel: (617) 399 – 8100


Phil Gardner, Founder and CEO of IANS, spent several years in the US Navy, as well as Goldman Sachs and McKinsey, before founding a company called Provant.


IANS was founded in 2001 as the Institute for Applied Network Security. The company was inspired to utilize the case study method to help train security practitioners. It has since grown to include a range of professional services for enterprise customers.

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Products and Services

IANS delivers expert information security guidance from practitioners, to practitioners, using tailored case studies and other methods such as webinars. IANS offerings include professional services, training, consulting, and research packages in the following areas:

• Decision Support – This includes resources for customers including a research portal, tailored decision support webinars, topic-focused IANS forums and symposiums, an “ask an expert” function, and a “QuickPoll” capability.”
• Insights – IANS offers expert guidance on information security through its portal and blog.
• Events – IANS regularly runs general training and educational forums, symposiums, and webinars on information security in different locations
• Consulting Services – IANS supports a range of technical projects, including penetration testing, security architecture review, and forensic analysis. IANS also supports strategic projects, including overall security assessment, security policy review, and mobile security strategy.