Brief Overview

HyTrust provides encryption-based security solutions for enterprise customers using cloud services.


HyTrust, Inc.
US Headquarters
1975 W. El Camino Real, Suite 203
Mountain View, California 94040
Tel: (650) 681 – 8100


John De Santis, CEO and Chairman of HyTrust, was formerly Vice President, Cloud Services for VMware.


Eric Chiu, Renata Budko, and Boris Strongin founded HyTrust in 2008. The company is headquartered in Mountain View with an office in Dublin, Ireland. HyTrust has received $5.5M in Series A funding from Trident Capital and EPIC ventures, $10.5M in Series B funding from Granite Ventures, Trident Capital, EPIC Ventures, and Cisco, and Series C funding from Trident Capital, VMware, Cisco, Granite Ventures, EPIC Ventures, and In-Q-Tel.

Key Acquisitions

HighCloud Security (2013) – Cloud security

Key Competitors

CipherCloud, Boxcryptor, Skyhigh Networks, Vormetric

Products and Services

HyTrust offers the following solutions for enterprise customers requiring cloud security and compliance:

• HyTrust CloudControl – This solution is a virtual appliance that allows locking-down of virtual machines and data using built-in encryption and key management. The solution works for public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments, with support for both Windows and Linux-based environments. The solution involves a software agent that ensures data written to storage by an application is encrypted in motion and at rest, through the hypervisor and network.
• HyTrust DataControl – HyTrust provides similar functionality and can be deployed into the operating system of any virtual machine on any public, private, or hybrid cloud.
• HyTrust Compliance – The company also focuses on virtualization and cloud compliance offering vSphere and vCenter administrative controls, configuration hardening for virtual infrastructure, and virtual machine encryption.