Huntsman Security

Brief Overview

Huntsman Security is an information security software company which provides solutions to organisations to enable the collection, analysis and alerting/reporting on systems, user and applications activity logs, audit trails and event data. 


Huntsman/Tier-3 – London
7-10 Adam Street, Strand
London WC2N 6AA


Peter Woollacott serves as Founder and CEO of Huntsman Security.


Founded in 1999 by Peter Woollacott, Huntsman Security is headquarted in the UK with offices in San Francisco, Sydney, and Tokyo.

Key Competitors

LogRhythm, Secnology

Products and Services

The Huntsman defence-grade cyber security suite provides a modular platform to deliver advanced security analytics, compliance management and reporting and cyber threat detection that you can scale horizontally and vertically to increase volume, by adding capacity.