Brief Overview

Huawei is a global ICT provider offers a range of network security products.


Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.
Bantian, Longgang District
Shenzhen, 518129 China


Ren Zhengfei serves as Founder and CEO of Huawei.
John Suffolk serves as Huawei’s Global Cyber Security & Privacy Officer.


Ren Zhengfei founded Huawei in 1987. The private company has grown steadily over the years and now employs over 140,000 employees across the globe, recoding US sales in 2010 of $22B. The company refers to itself as a “collective” rather than a private company, which has been important in gaining state support during its history.

Key Acquisitions

CIP (2012)
HexaTier (2016)

Key Competitors

Cisco, Juniper

Products and Services

Huawei offers a large portfolio of networking and ICT products and services, including roughly 5 percent of the world’s smartphones. In the networking and security area, Huawei offers the following products:

• USG9500 Cloud Data Centers Security Gateway – Cloud data center security gateway in appliance form
• NIP2000-5000 Intrusion Prevention System Series Product – IPS appliance product.
• AntiDDOS 1000 Series DDOS Defend System – DDOS appliance with performances in the 2 – 5 Gbps range.
• Enterprise Unified Maintenance Audit – Provides central management, monitoring, and audit support for IT security functions.
• Enterprise Policy Center – Provides unified access policy support for Internet and Intranet access.
• Enterprise AnyOffice – Mobile security solution providing BYOD support.