Hold Security

Brief Overview

Hold Security is an information security and investigations company providing consulting services and threat intelligence for business clients.


Hold Security
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Tel: (414) 678 – 1414


Alex Holden, Founder and CISO of Hold Security LLC., was previously CISO for a large brokerage firm.


Alex Holden launched Hold Security in 2013 and is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Key Competitors

FireEye (Mandiant), Roka, Lancope (Cisco)

Products and Services

Hold Security offers security consultation services that can be grouped as follows:

• Deep Web Monitoring – Involves indexing and correlating public and private resources on the Internet to derive intelligence.
• Credentials Integrity Service – Monitors deep web for stolen credentials.
• Incident Response and Investigation – Involves analysis in support of incident response.
• Information Security Assessment and Services – Assessment services for businesses.
• Enterprise Security Architecture and Integration – Focus on improving security of enterprise architecture.