Herjavec Group

Brief Overview

The Herjavec Group is a Canadian technology firm specializing in network security managed services and consulting.


Herjavec Group (Headquarters)
180 Duncan Mill Road, 7th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M38 1Z6
Tel: (416) 639 – 2193


Robert Herjavec, Founder and CEO of The Herjavec Group, is one of the stars of the ABC television program, Shark Tank.


The Herjavec Group was established in 2003 and has grown considerably since through acquisition. The company is headquartered in Toronto with offices in Dallas, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, New York, and Los Angeles.

Key Acquisitions

MetaComm (2006) – Cyber Security
Cyberklix (2010) – Managed Services
Zentra Computer Technologies (2011)
Galaxy Tech (2014) – Integrator
Sentry Metrics (2014) – Metrics
Sysec (2015) – Security Reseller

Key Competitors

EWA-Canada, Above Security, Spyders

Products and Services

The Herjavec Group offers security services via partnerships with companies such as McAfee , Cisco, and Symantec in the following areas:

• Managed Services – Includes intrusion prevention and detection, SIEM, vulnerability management and remediation, compliance monitoring and reporting, and patch management. THG offers a cloud-based SIEM solution as well.
• Professional Services – Includes certified installation services, accredited training services, certified customer support, and on-going tuning and maintenance.
• PCI Consulting – Involves full PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) services for retail customers.
• Security Consulting – Includes security architecture, preventive controls. Detective controls, and various security consulting offers such as assessment, penetration testing, architecture review, firewall rule review, social media assessment, and wireless assessment.