Haystax Technology

Brief Overview

Haystax provides actionable security intelligence and real-time situational awareness.


Haystax Technology
8251 Greensboro Drive, Suite 1111
McLean, Virginia 22102
Tel: (571) 297 – 3800


Gary Fish serves as CEO of Haystax Technology.
General Peter Pace (ret.) serves as Chairman of the Board of Haystax.


The private company, which was founded in 2012, is headquartered in McLean, Virginia. Haystax was formed by Chicago-based Edgewater Funds to create a data analytics company focused on national security and public safety. Haystax manages two companies, Haystax technology and NetCentrics.

Key Acquisitions

Flexpoint Technology (2012) – Consulting
Digital Sandbox (2012) – Learning Platform
Netcentrics (2014) – Enterprise Systems

Key Competitors

IBM, Intergraph, Verint

Products and Services

Haystax Technology focuses on collecting data and creating actionable intelligence based on analytics and Big Data processing. Physical security for law enforcement agencies and police departments is in-scope to the Haystax solution. Raw data is pulled in from social media, surveillance cameras, news outlets, police reports, and many other sources. Specific product and service areas offered by Haystax include the following:

• Contextual Threat Understanding – Uses patented algorithms to provide continuous threat assessments
• Real-Time Situational Awareness – Includes applications for planning, monitoring, and coordinating response
• Secure Cloud Optimized Enterprise – Provides means for sharing information securely and managing applications across the cloud from any device