Brief Overview

Gurucul is a global cyber security and fraud analytics company that is changing the way organizations protect their most valuable assets, data and information from insider and external threats both on-premises and in the cloud. Gurucul’s real-time Unified Security and Risk Analytics Platform combines machine learning behavior profiling with predictive risk-scoring algorithms to predict, prevent and detect breaches. Gurucul technology is used by Global 1000 companies and government agencies to fight cyber fraud, IP theft, insider threat and account compromise as well as for log aggregation, compliance and risk based security orchestration and automation for real-time extended detection and response.


GuruCul Worldwide Headquarters
222 N. Sepulveda Blvd.
Suite 1322
El Segundo, California 90245

Tel: (213) 373 – 4878


Saryu Nayyar serves as CEO and co-founder of Gurucul.
Nilesh Dherange serves as CTO and co-founder.


Gurucul was founded in 2010. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles with an APAC headquarters office in Pune, India. The company was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs with a proven track record of introducing industry-changing enterprise security solutions. Gurucul is backed by an advisory board comprised of Fortune 500 CISOs and world-renowned experts in government intelligence and cybersecurity.

Key Competitors

Securonix, Exabeam

Products and Services

Gurucul provides a range of Unified Security and Risk Analytics products and services that can be grouped as follows:

· Gurucul Risk Analytics (GRA) – Identity-centric behavioral risk intelligence platform that provides near real-time contextual and situational awareness for user access and activity. GRA is designed to provide enterprise security teams with Actionable Risk Intelligence through behavior profiling algorithms.

· Unified Security Analytics – A comprehensive cybersecurity product providing a seamlessly integrated one stop shop for log aggregation, SIEM, UEBA, intelligent threat hunting, Network Traffic Analysis and SOAR.

· User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) – Gurucul UEBA uses a combination of machine learning algorithms, link analysis and policy to identify both known and unknown security threats to your organization. Gurucul UEBA leverages over 2000 behavior models that can be customized using Gurucul STUDIO™ to meet your business needs.

· Gurucul XDR – Gurucul Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a cloud-native analytics driven XDR solution that improves threat detection and incident response with no vendor lock-in, allowing you to use best-of-breed security solutions. It provides a single interface for analytics, detection, investigation, and response.

· Identity Analytics (IdA) – Delivers the data science that improves IAM and PAM, enriching existing identity management investments and accelerating deployments. IdA surpasses human capabilities by leveraging machine learning models to define, review and confirm accounts and entitlements for access. It uses dynamic risk scores and advanced analytics data as key indicators for provisioning, de-provisioning, authentication, and privileged access management.

· Fraud Analytics – A holistic risk-based approach for cross-channel fraud detection of both internal and external users, using award-winning machine learning algorithms and an open big data architecture.

The company also provides a range of services including managed security services, consulting services, support services, and training.