GRC 20/20 Research

Brief Overview

GRC 20/20 Research provides research, workshops, and consulting support in the area of GRC for enterprise.


GRC 20/20 Research
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Tel: (888) 365 – 4560


Michael Rasmussen, Founder of GRC 20/20 Research, was previously Vice President at Forrester Research.


Michael Rasmussen founded GRC 20/20 Research in 2007.

Key Competitors

The GRC Group

Products and Services

The company describes itself as a Buyer Advocate, Solution Strategist, and Market Evangelist. The company provides a range of research, workshops, and training for GRC solutions in the enterprise. Research documents on selecting, buying, and using GRC platforms are included on the GRC 20/20 Research Website. Each document can be downloaded for a modest fee (e.g., “How to Purchase IT GRC Platforms” for $125.00). GRC 20/20 Research founder Michael Rasmussen also offers workshops around the world for GRC professionals to learn virtually every possible aspect of governance, risk, and compliance. Members can subscribe to the GRC 20/20 Research enterprise, individual, or basic levels of service.