Brief Overview

Google provides a range of identity, cloud, email, and infrastructure security solutions as part of its search, email, operating system, cloud, and virtual services.


1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, California 94043


Larry Page serves as CEO of Google.
Gerhard Eschelback serves as CISO of Google.


Google is a technology company founded in 1998. It includes a division focused on Google Business Services, which offers security through acquisitions such as Postini.

Key Acquisitions

GreenBorder (2007) – Security
Postini (2007) – Email Security
reCAPTCHA (2009) – Security
WideVine (2010) – DRM
Zynamics (2011) – Security
VirusTotal (2012) – Anti-Malware
Impermium (2014) – Web Security
Divide (2014) – Mobile Device Management (2014) – Anti-click Fraud
SlickLogin (2014) – Internet Security
Chronicle (2019) - Threat tools

Key Competitors

Yahoo, Verizon

Products and Services

Google’s massive assortment of search, email, mobile operating system, and related products and services (organized under the Alphabet umbrella) are well known. The company has used its presence and capabilities to expand into related areas of identity and access management, cloud security, email security, operating system security, and infrastructure security. Its identiy service, for example, is designed to utilize Google login as the basis for federating the identity to other services in the cloud. Google’s BeyondCorp initiative is a creative means for perimeter-free enterprise networking and the company is working to productize several of the features. Device inventory management and certificate-based security are the key aspects of the BeyondCorp approach. The company’s VirusTotal is a free resource useful to malware researchers.