Good Harbor

Brief Overview

Good Harbor Security Risk Management provides a range of consulting services focused on risk, threat, strategy, governance, and management.


Good Harbor Security Risk Management LLC
2020 K Street, NW
Suite 620
Washington, DC 20006
Tel: (202) 212 – 6680


Richard Clarke, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Good Harbor, was previously senior White House Advisor to three Presidents.


Richard Clarke founded Good Harbor in 2003 as Good Harbor Consulting LLC. The firm has since focused on security risk management.

Key Competitors

Chertoff Group

Products and Services

Good Harbor works with senior corporate executives, investment professionals, and government leaders to assess and develop cyber security programs. Good Harbor offers cyber risk management and consulting services in the following areas:

• Threat Awareness
• Risk Assessment
• Crisis Management and Communications
• Regulatory and Policy Analysis
• Thought Leadership
• Investment Diligence