Brief Overview

GlobalSign is a certification authority providing PKI-based products and services for enterprise, business, and service providers.


GMO GlobalSign – US
Two International Drive, Suite 150
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801
Tel: (603) 570 - 7060


Ichiro Chujo, Group President and Chief Executive Officer of GlobalSign, holds an additional position as officer of the public GMO Cloud organization, parent of GlobalSign.


Founded in 1996, the company is a subsidiary of GMO Cloud K.K. in Japan and has offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Its headquarters are in Maidstone, UK.

Key Competitors


Products and Services

GlobalSign provides a range of Certification Authority products and services that can be grouped as follows:

• PKI Products – Includes public key operation (PKO) solutions for enterprise, small business, and service providers. Specific capabilities include auto enrollment gateways, EPKI for mobile, strong authentication, S/MIME, and document sharing, managed SSL, trusted root, code signing certificates, and times tamping services.
• SSL – Includes a range of different SSL certificates from low assurance DomainSSL to higher assurance ExtendedSSL.
• IoT – Offers solutions for managing certificates for IoT devices.

GlobalSign has an extensive partner program through which SSL certificates are made available to hosting customers.