Global Digital Forensics

Brief Overview

Global Digital Forensics provides a range of digital forensic and eDiscovery software and services.


Computer Forensic Services of NY
1500 Broadway
New York, New York 10036
Tel: (800) 868 – 8189


Joseph Caruso, Founder, CTO, and CEO of Global Digital Forensics, served in an advisory capacity for national cyber security councils for two US Presidents.


The private company was founded by Joseph Caruso in 1992 and has grown to support a large customer base in many different office locations across the US, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Key Competitors

BitSec, AccessData

Products and Services

The products and services offered by Global Digital Forensics can be grouped as follows:

• Computer Forensics – Includes analysis of computers, disk drives, email, social media, smart phones, databases, and digital devices.
• Breach Response – Includes support for responding to cyber attacks from internal and external threats.
• Computer Security – Includes vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, disaster recovery, application security, DDOS protection, and mainframe security.
• Software – Includes the DBRT (Data Breach Response Toolkit) and the C-ALL monitor for user activity recording.
• eDiscovery – Includes forensic readiness assessment, electronically stored information (ESI) collection, database eDiscovery, and expert witness testimony.