Brief Overview

Futurex provides secure data encryption and key management solutions available in hardware or software.


Futurex Engineering Campus
864 Old Boerne Road
Bulverde, Texas 78163
Tel: (830) 980 – 9782


Brett Smith, President and CEO of Futurex, has been with the company since 2001.


Futurex was founded in 1981. The company is headquartered in Texas with an office in Singapore.

Key Competitors

Portico, Entrust, RSA

Products and Services

Futurex provides data encryption product solutions that can be grouped as follows:

• Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) – Designed as FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and PCI HSM-validated security and fraud protection encryption devices for retail and banking transactions. Models include Authenticrpyt, Excrypt SSP9000 (2,250 transactions per second), Excrypt SSP9000 Enterprise (8,000 transactions per second), Guardian9000 (centralized cloud-based cryptographic management), and Securus (portable, touch screen-based key loading and remote configuration).
• Key Management Servers (KMS) – Scalable enterprise key management solutions including KMES Series (Certificate lifecycle management), RKMS Series (scalable key management), SKI9000 (key injection for point of sale terminals), and Securus.
• General Purpose Encryption Devices – Includes Kryptos TLS Server, Certificate Authority Server, and SAS Secure Attached Storage.
• Manufacturer Class Encryption Solutions - Includes manufacturer-class CA, Secure Attached Storage, and Device Activation server.
• CryptoCube – Consolidated hardware enterprise security platform.