FTI Consulting

Brief Overview

FTI is a global business advisory company with a practice in forensic consulting and eDiscovery services.


FTI Executive Headquarters
555 12th Street NW
Suite 700
Washington DC 20004
Tel: (202) 312 – 9100


Steven Gunby, President and CEO of FTI Consulting since 2014, was previously an executive with The Boston Consulting Group.


Dan Luczak founded Forensic Technologies International Ltd. In Annapolis, Maryland in 1982. After providing forensic information in the famous OJ Simpson trial, the company went public in 1996, trading on the NASDAQ. In 1999, the company began trading on the NYSE under the symbol FCN. By 2013, the company had grown to $1.65B in revenue with more than 4,200 employees in 26 countries.

Key Acquisitions

FS Asia Advisory Ltd (2010) – Advisory Services
Korda Mentha (2012) – Advisory Services
Think First (2012) – Healthcare

Key Competitors

Deloitte, PwC

Products and Services

The security-relevant services offered by FTI Consulting include eDiscovery Software and Services, eDiscovery Consulting, Computer Forensics and Investigations services, Global Risk and Investigations, and Compliance, Monitoring, and Receivership. FTI Consulting provides disaster management and has been active in supporting litigation using forensics, data collection, and other professional services.