Forum Systems

Brief Overview

As part of its API and cloud gateway technologies, Forum Systems provides identity management and SSL proxy solutions for cloud storage.


Forum Systems
75 Second Avenure, Suite 520
Needham, Massachusetts 02494
Tel: (781) 791 – 7510


Mamoon Yunus, Co-Founder and CEO of Forum Systems, holds graduate degrees in engineering from MIT and Georgia Tech.


Mamoon Yunus and Rizwan Mallal founded Forum Systems, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crosscheck Networks, Inc.

Key Competitors

Elastica, Akamai

Products and Services

Forum Systems offers its Forum Sentry solution, which provides WAF-like secure integration across channels, applications, and infrastructure. Specific security functions enabled by Forum Sentry between cloud storage, mobile apps, user portals and SOA architectures, and the associated underlying infrastructure include:

• FIPS 140-2 Security
• Identity and SSO (SAML and OAuth)
• Centralized Monitoring
• Mediation and Data Mapping

The company also offers Forum Sentry Cloud Controller, which delivers secure scale-out with leading cloud storage providers including Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Rackspace. The product offers granular data encryption to enforce privacy and integrity of stored data.