Brief Overview

Fortego provides computer network operations (CNO) software development, reverse engineering, and cyber security analysis services.


Fortego, LLC
6711 Columbia Gateway Dr.
Suite 100
Columbia, Maryland 21046
Tel: (410) 844 – 4240


Chad Price, Partner/Senior Research Engineer of Fortego, was previously employed by BAH and BAE.


Fortego is a small company founded in 2010. Chad Price and Eric R. are partners. The company is located in Maryland.

Key Competitors

Trail of Bits, Arxan Technologies

Products and Services

Fortego provides technical professional services in cyber security that can be grouped as follows:

• CNO Software Development – Includes software development lifecycle services and support with staff expertise in Windows API, network, kernel drivers, Linux/Unix application and kernel, embedded systems, secure software, exploit development, and various languages including C, C++, x86 assembly, Python, Perl, Ruby, Java, and .NET C#.
• Malware and Intrusion Analysis – Includes exploit and shell code analysis, malware, threat, and related analyses.
• Reverse Engineering – Includes expert engineering services designed to determine how a given product works and why.
• Vulnerability Analysis – Includes software and protocol fuzzing, exploit development, penetration testing, and embedded code analysis.
• Computer and Networm Forensics – Analysts help re-create cyber attacks, assist with incident response, and perform malware analysis.
• Research and Development – Includes research for customers into APT, long-term threat, automation, and other areas.