Brief Overview

As part of its voice and video performance offerings, Firebind provides a passive, continuous network security and performance-monitoring tool.


1500 District Avenue
Burlington, Massachusetts 01803
Tel: (857) 209 – 4065


Dave Patterson, Co-Founder and CEO of Firebind, spent many years in sales and sale engineering roles for companies such as Shiva, Lucent, SeaChange International, and IneoQuest Technologies.


Jay Houghton and Dave Patterson co-founded Firebind in 2011. Their idea was to create a scan host that could dynamically configure itself to listen on any TCP or UDP port thus allowing Firebind clients to send custom payloads to the scan host to identify policy issues. The small private company is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts.

Key Competitors

Tenable, Lumeta, Tripwire

Products and Services

Firebind offers a distributed security and performance solution for continuous assessments of networks. The platform uses patent=pending technology to send payloads, including Layer 7, through target devices to see what policies are enforced. It will discover, for example, firewall rules, ACLs, and signatures. Firebind also offers a SpeedSight solution, which is a standalone version of the Firebind technology.