Brief Overview

Fasoo provides a variety of data security and enterprise DRM solutions for files and other resources.


7315 Wisconsin Ave, Stre 420E
Bethesda, MD 20814
Tel: (732) 955 – 2333


John Herring serves as the President and CEO of Fasoo.


Fasoo was spun out from Samsung SDS in 2000. The private company is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, with offices in East Brunswick, New Jersey and Sunnyvale, California. With roughly 270 employees, it serves more than two million users.

Key Competitors

Watchdox, docTrackr

Products and Services

Fasoo offers a range of DRM security products that use encryption solutions certified by the Korean National Intelligence Service based on the Fasoo Crypto Framework that can be grouped as follows:

• File-Based Security – This includes Enterprise DRM, Secure Node, Secure Document, Secure Print, Secure Exchange, Secure Screen, Usage Tracer, Mobile Gateway, and View Plus.
• Print Security – Incudes Secure Print and Fasoo ePrint.
• Source Code and Secure Coding Analysis – Involves the SPARROW SCE diagnostic tool for static code analysis.
• Mobile Security – Includes Mobile Solution, Mobile Gateway, and View Plus.
• Secure Collaboration – Includes the DigitalQuick solution.