Farsight Security

Brief Overview

Farsight Security provides threat intelligence feeds from real-time passive DNS solutions.


Farsight Security
177 Bovet Road, Suite 180
San Mateo, California 94402
Tel: (650) 489 – 7919


Dr. Paul Vixie serves as Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Farsight Security.


Founded in 2013 by Internet pioneer and DNS thought leader Dr. Paul Vixie, the company is headquartered in California.

Key Competitors


Products and Services

The company provides real-time passive DNS solutions that offer contextual data and intelligence about reputation and threat feeds. Information relates to IOCs, whitelists, and block lists. The goal of the Farsight data is to help security vendors, researchers, and threat analysts amplify threat feeds and accelerate the detection of new threats. This is done by identifying known associates, by enhancing mitigation strategies with plug-and-play solutions, and by improving prediction accuracy of cyber threats. The data collected by Farsight Security is considered sensitive and hence, the company carefully screens potential customers to determine appropriateness.