Entrust Datacard

Brief Overview

Entrust Datacard provides a suite of authentication, identity, PKI, certificate, and mobile security solutions.


Entrust Datacard
1187 Park Place
Shakopee, MN 55379 USA
Tel: (952) 933 – 1233


Todd Wilkinson, President and CEO of Entrust Datacard, worked previously at General Electric.


Entrust built and sold the first commercially available PKI solutions in 1994. The company grew through the 1990’s, becoming the foundation for the US Federal Bridge CA in 2002. Entrust was acquired by San Francisco-based Thoma Bravo in 2009. Thoma Bravo then sold the company to Datacard Group in 2013.

Key Acquisitions

enCommerce (2000) – Enterprise Portals

Key Competitors

Comodo, Symantec, RSA

Products and Services

Entrust offers a full suite of PKI-related products and service in the following areas:

• Entrust IdentityGuard – Consists of a strong authentication and identity management platform, also available as a cloud service.
• Entrust Authority PKI – Consists of security infrastructure for encryption, digital signature, and certification authentication.
• Entrust Entelligence Security Provider – Consists of standards-based email encryption solutions on one platform.
• Entrust Get Access – Scalable single sign-on solution
• Entrust Transaction Guard – Behavioral fraud detection platform
• Entrust TruePass – End-to-end digital identity confirmation
• Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server – Solution for encryption, authentication, and digital signatures.
• Datacard – Offers services including on-demand financial card insurance, EMV smart chip migration, and customized secure ID or badge solutions

Entrust Datacard’s
products and solutions include support for cloud-based SSL digital certificate management. The company targets mobile and cloud environments for authentication, access, secure email, collaboration, and other capabilities.