Duality Technologies

Brief Overview

Founded by world-renowned cryptographers and data science executives, Duality Technologies addresses the rapidly growing need of enterprises across regulated industries to collaborate on sensitive data. The award-winning Duality SecurePlus™ platform enables secure analysis and AI on encrypted data, deriving insights from sensitive data without exposing the data itself. The groundbreaking technology also protects valuable analytics models from exposure to external collaboration parties during computations.


Duality co-founders include two MIT professors with encryption schemes named after them, a Turing award winner who defined modern cryptography, a former RSA executive, a successful VC and the co-founder of the PALISADE open-source homomorphic encryption library.


Dr. Alon Kaufman, Co-founder and CEO

Prof. Shafi Goldwasser, Co-founder and Chief Scientist

Ms. Rina Shainski, Co-founder and Chairwoman

Dr. Kurt Rohloff, Co-founder and CTO

Prof. Vinod Vaikuntanathan, Co-founder and Chief Cryptographer

Key Competitors

Enveil, Microsoft, Google

Products and Services

Duality SecurePlus™ Platform
A secure computing platform enabling
organizations to deploy advanced AI and
analytics on encrypted data, preserving
privacy throughout the analytics cycle.

Duality SecurePlus™ Query
A privacy-preserving query engine
that enables organizations to securely share
insights by querying each others’ data
assets without revealing raw data, query
parameters, or results.