Duality Technologies

Brief Overview

Combining Advanced Cryptography with Data Science, Duality delivers High-Performance Privacy-Protecting Computing to Regulated Industries. Founded by world-renowned cryptographers and data science executives, Duality Technologies addresses the rapidly growing need of enterprises across regulated industries to collaborate on sensitive data. Duality’s SecurePlus™ platform enables secure analysis and AI on encrypted data, deriving insights from sensitive data without exposing the data itself.


Dr. Alon Kaufman, Co-founder and CEO
Prof. Shafi Goldwasser, Co-founder and Chief Scientist
Ms. Rina Shainski, Co-founder and Chairwoman
Prof. Kurt Rohloff, Co-founder and CTO
Prof. Vinod Vaikuntanathan, Co-founder and Chief Cryptographer

Products and Services

Duality’s SecurePlus™ platform enables performing computations and analysis on data while it is encrypted.
• With SecurePlus™ multiple parties can safely collaborate
without exposing their data and analytics models. Organizations can now harness the potential of data and advanced analytics, while fully complying with data privacy regulations.