Brief Overview

Dragos, Inc. is a security company that primarily focuses on industrial control systems.


Dragos, Inc.
1745 Dorsey Rd Suite R
Hanover, MD 21076
Tel: (855) 372-4670


Robert Lee serves as the CEO and founder of Dragos Inc.


Dragos, Inc. was founded in 2013 in Fulton, Maryland. The company was formerly known as Dragos Security, LLC.

Key Acquisitions

NexDefense (2019) - ICS

Key Competitors

CyberX, Indegy

Products and Services

Dragos, Inc. offers several industrial control products and services, which include:
• Monitoring Services – Monitors industrial control software and visualizes assets, detects threats, and provides options to respond to attacks.
• Threat Intelligence – Provides intelligence reports on threats, vulnerabilities, their behaviors, and key indicators.
• Training – Gives assessments and training in incident response preparation, on-the-ground support, and threat hunting.