Brief Overview

Dr.Web provides Anti-Virus protection tools and services for a global customer base.


Dr.Web Ltd.
125040, Russia, Moscow,
3d street Yamskogo polya 2-12A
Tel: +7 (495) 789– 45-87


Boris Sharov serves as CEO of Dr.Web.
Igor Daniloff serves as CTO of Dr.Web.


Igor Daniloff, current CTO of Dr.Web, founded the company in 2003 based on an existing Dr.Web tool that had been developed in 1992. The Russian company employs over 400 staff and is headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Russia with offices in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Germany, France, Japan, and China.

Key Competitors

Kaspersky Labs

Products and Services

Dr.Web’s Anti-Virus software suite is available for consumers and business customers in a variety of different product and service bundles for most popular operating systems including Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, DOS, OS/2, Windows Mobile, and Android. Specific products supported include the following:

• Dr.Web CureIt!
• Dr.Web LiveCD
• Dr.Web LinkChecker
• Dr.Web Light for Mac
• Dr.Web for Android Light