Brief Overview

DH2i supports software defined perimeter (SDP)based zero trust networks through high-availability software management including for Docker and Microsoft Availability Groups (AGs) as well as micro-tunnel support to hosted workloads.


320 East Vine Drive
Suite 321
Fort Collins, CO 80524


Don Boxley serves as CEO of DH2i.


DH2i was founded in 2010 by industry veterans Don Boxley and OJ Ngo. Both men worked together on HP's PolyServe product.

Products and Services

DH2i offers the following products:

- DxEnterprise – Secure, multi-platform, high availability, workload management software for Windows Server, Linux, and Docker.
- DxOdyssey – Secure, lightweight micro-tunneling software to support zero trust network access to multi-cloud hosted workloads.
- DxEnterprise for Availability Groups (AGs) – Secure, high availability management support for Microsoft SQL Server Availability Groups (AGs).
- Docker Management Pack – Secure, add-on encapsulation management support software for Docker containers on Windows or Linux.