Deep Secure

Brief Overview

Deep-Secure provides a cyber security guard solution for organizations to securely share information across their network boundary and to remove malware from documents.


1 Nimrod House
Sandy’s Road
WR14 1JJ
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1684 892831


Dan Turner, CEO of Deep-Secure, was previously with Hewlett-Packard.


Deep-Secure was formed in 2009 through a management buy-in of Clearswift Specialist Products. The buy-in was supported by venture capitalist YFM through an all-equity investment. The company is located in Malvern in the UK’s Cyber Valley and is a member of the Malvern Cyber Security cluster. Deep-Secure received $5.6M in one round from two investors.

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Products and Services

Deep-Secure offers a suite of security products that can be grouped as follows:

• Mail Guard – Offers, anti-malware, DLP, and other protections for email
• Web Guard – Offers security for Web traffic
• Network Management Guard – Filters network management traffic
• XML Guard – XML security gateway
• TransGap Applications – Provides a means for sharing information across air gapped networks
• Minerva One-Way Guard – One-way filter
• MODOBUS Guard – Controls information flow from industrial, SCADA, and plant equipment
• Chat Guard – Filters chat
• File Transfer Guard – Filter for file transfer
• Managed Secure Email – A managed service for secure email
• X.400 MTA – Message Transfer Agent for native X.400 applications
• Transshipment - Security solution that extracts designated business information