Brief Overview

Cubro provides solutions that enable network visibility into traffic whether in virtualized or physical environments - bringing together network performance and security monitoring efforts.


Cubro Acronet GesmbH
Ghegastrasse 3, 1030 Vienna
Austria, Europe
Tel: +43 1 29826660


Christian Ferenz serves as CEO of Cubro.


Company was founded in 2003 in Vienna, Austria by three partners Christian Ferenz, Sascha Naunovic and Gabriel Guriencu with an ambitious idea of fulfilling the demand for network visibility tools and offering simple customized solutions for network related issues. Cubro began its journey with its first major customer A 1 Telekom Austria.

Key Competitors

IXIA Keysight Technology
Garland Technology

Products and Services

Cubro provides robust network monitoring tools that are reliable and scalable. Cubro network visibility tools offer complete network visibility and solutions for aggregation, filtering, slicing, load balancing, deep packet inspection, and more.
Advanced Network Packet Brokers – Cubro’s advanced network packet brokers guarantee that monitoring and security appliances have a comprehensive view of network traffic and that those tools are operating at peak efficiency. The advanced packet brokers offer GRE termination, VXLAN termination, packet slicing, time stamping, GTP Inner IP (IPv4 and IPv6) port filtering, and many other features.
Network Packet Brokers - Gain end-to-end visibility up to layer 4 with Cubro’s Packetmaster (network packet broker). The network packet brokers effectively brokers the traffic it receives out to connected monitoring and security tools. The main features of the network packet broker include aggregation, filtering and load balancing.
Cubro Cloud Switch (CCS) - The Cubro Cloud Switch (CCS) is currently the end in this evolution from L4 NPB to an active network device with visibility functions included. The CCS provides switching functions in layer 2 to 7 and at the same time visibility.
Cubro Visibility Node (CVN) - Cubro Visibility Node interacts with the Cubro Visibility Controller, and supports dynamic packet handling approaches for modern overlay networks.
Network TAPs - Cubro has a wide range of fibre (optical, optical slim, MTP, bidirectional) TAPs and copper (electrical – FlexTAPs, Converter, Aggregation) TAPs.