Corax Cyber Security

Brief Overview

Corax Cyber Security provides a range of security threat management and intelligence services for the cyber insurance market using its Corax 360 cyber risk management platform.


Corax Cyber Security Ltd.
1 Fore Street
London EC2Y 5EJ
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 203 608 9063

Corax Cyber Security
535 Mission Street
San Francisco, California 94105
Tel: (415) 233 – 8402


Jonathan Pope is Co-Founder and CEO of Corax Cyber Security.


Jonathan Pope and Tom Beale established Corax Cyber Security in 2013. The company is headquartered in the UK with an office in San Francisco.

Key Competitors

C3IA, Cyberis, Deep Secure

Products and Services

Corax Cyber Security delivers a range of security services through its Corax 360 cyber risk management platform. These services can be grouped as follows:

• Risk Calculation Engine
• Business Risk and Compliance
• Data Research and Aggregation
• Workflow
• Third-Party Integrations