Brief Overview

Cobalt (previously known as CrowdCurity) provides a platform for companies to offer a vulnerability reward program.


Cobalt Labs
2403 16th Street
San Francisco, California 94103


Jacob Hansen, Co-Founder and CEO of Cobalt, held previous positions at Accenture.


Christian Hansen, Jakob Storm, Jacob Hansen, and Esben Friis-Jensen co-founded CrowdCurity in 2013. The company received debt funding of $470K in 2014 as well as private funding from Kima Ventures and

Key Competitors


Products and Services

The Cobalt platform provides crowd-sourced Web security support for security testers. The purpose of the platform is to leverage the crowd to identify vulnerabilities before malicious hackers. Users of the Cobalt platform create rewards programs by defining scope and program rules. Testers then engage in tests via the published rules. Cobalt testing and participating members can provide recommendations about specific testers. The company includes a hall of fame, and also offers Bitcoin as a means for reimbursing testers for finding vulnerabilities in a site.