Brief Overview

The CloudKnox platform addresses unmanaged risk for hybrid cloud environments – overprivileged identities. We provide a single platform that manages the identity privilege life cycle across any private and public cloud, enabling significant reduction in risk from compromised credentials, accidents, and malicious insiders.


333 W El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087


Balaji Parimi, CEO and founder

Products and Services

CloudKnox provides an extensible platform that supports all private and public clouds. The • • • CloudKnox platform continuously monitors the activity to assess risk and behavior and provides a single metric, the CloudKnox Risk Score, to track the risk. The score is a function of unused high-risk privileges by each identity. An identity with unused high-risk privileges will have a high-risk score.
• Activity-based access controls give you continuous granular insight into the tasks (activity) that each identity is using or not using. With this level of visibility, it becomes possible to accurately grant or revoke privileges for all identities with access to your infrastructure.
• Proprietary JEP (Just Enough Privileges) Controller gives you the ability to reduce your risk profile by revoking the unused high-risk privileges for each unique identity with the click of a button.