Brief Overview

Just one mouse click by a well-intentioned employee can cost your organization millions of dollars in direct costs and even more from lost business, tarnished reputation and angry customers.

The proven way to secure your valuable data and protect your business is by turning each employee into an educated human shield, stopping cyber-attacks in their tracks.

The Q-LOG Cyber Awareness Training System trains your employees automatically, unobtrusively and effectively day after day. No more lengthy, quickly forgotten and ineffective seminars that keep your employees from their work without giving you the protection you need.

The innovative Q-LOG system brings targeted, interesting and time-efficient cyber-awareness training to the PC screen, without interfering with their normal work.


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Products and Services

The Q-LOG Computerized Awareness Training System educates your employees to prevent cyber-attacks such as phishing, malware, spyware, ransomware, along with social engineering manipulation prevention. Q-LOG is a modular system that works across the platforms you use in the workplace including desktop and mobile devices, all without any need for client-side software.