Buddha Labs

Brief Overview

Buddha Labs provides IT security and automated, hardened images for public, private, and hybrid clouds including Amazon Web Services.


Buddha Labs
270-F N El Camino Real #504
Encitas, CA 92024
Tel: (760) 487 – 8460


Vincent Passaro, Founder and CEO of Buddha Labs, spent five years in the US Army, and held positions with Fotis Networks and Booz Allen Hamilton.


Vincent Passaro founded Buddha Labs. The small private company is headquartered in California. Buddha Labs was founded in 2012 by industry leading experts with decades of experience in information security and software development working with the Department of Defense, Intelligence Agencies, and Commercial Customers to ensure compliance and holistic system security.

Key Competitors

Trend Micro

Products and Services

Buddha Labs provides IT security solutions for the cloud in the following areas:

• Hardened Amazon Machine Images – Involves pre-hardened images for Amazon Web Services to support security compliance.
• Penetration Testing – Involves expert security analysis to reduce targeted security risk.
• Web Security – Applies real world techniques to secure web applications and support compliance requirements such as FEDRAMP.