BSI Cybersecurity

Brief Overview

BSI cybersecurity is a divison of the BSI Group. BSI Group, also known as the British Standards Institution (BSI), is the national standards body of the United Kingdom. BSI produces technical standards on a wide range of products and services, and also supplies certification and standards-related services to businesses.


BSI Group (New York Office)
141 West 36th Street,
3rd Floor 
New York, NY 10018 
+1 212 290 6323


Howard Kerr serves as CEO of the BSI Group.


BSI Group was founded as the Engineering Standards Committee in London in 1901. It subsequently extended its standardization work and became the British Engineering Standards Association in 1918, adopting the name British Standards Institution in 1931 after receiving a Royal Charter in 1929. In 1998 a revision of the Charter enabled the organization to diversify and acquire other businesses, and the trading name was changed to BSI Group. The Group now operates in 182 countries. The core business remains standards and standards related services, although the majority of the Group's revenue comes from management systems assessment and certification work.

Key Competitors

Lloyd’s Register Consulting, BestPractices

Products and Services

BSI offers cybersecurity services aimed at email security, security training, penetration testing, and incident response:

• Penetration Testing – a CREST-approved provider of penetration testing. BSI skilled ethical hackers are trained to replicate the mind of a malicious attacker and use an exhaustive set of tools to perform and imitate this mindset
• ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management (ISMS) – helps you implement a robust approach to managing information security (info sec) and building resilience