Brief Overview

BotDoc is an intuitive, easy to use solution to transport sensitive data. Led by a team of visionary engineers and practitioners, this solution is applicable across industries and serves as a unique solution to growing security concerns surrounding the transport of confidential material. 


BotDoc Inc.
15954 Jackson Creek Parkway
Suite B572
Monument, CO 80132


Karl Falk serves as Founder & CEO of BotDoc. He is a visionary behind refined and simpler processes. As a US Air Force Officer, he was responsible for over $1Bn. He is also a government consultant on emerging tech and rapid software prototyping.


BotDoc was founded by Karl Falk in 2016 after finding its beginnings in ShortSave, a technology platform helping homeowners and lenders engage by leveraging their smartphone.

Key Competitors

Accellion, Axway

Products and Services

BotDoc is the secure FedEx of internet data; transporting sensitive information, data and documents easily through cyberspace. With securing measures increasing, convenience factors are decreasing leading several businesses to choose less secure means for their clients opening themselves up to unacceptable risk. BotDoc solves this conundrum by simplifying the experience while not imposing anything new on the customer. They are able to do this with the following:

• BotDoc API – allows users to transport sensitive documents & data in and out of your system without logins
• BotDoc APP – allows businesses, and people, to collect and send sensitive documents via text/SMS & email securely