Brief Overview

Data is one of the most valuable asset for enterprises. Applying our less-is-more mission, Ardent maximizes the privacy and security of data within an enterprise by minimizing data. By minimizing data, Ardent reduces your liability and business risk for privacy. Learn more about Ardent today comply with privacy laws such as CCPA, GDPR, FISMA, and more.


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Sameer Ahirrao, CEO

Products and Services

Data Asset Inventory
Before data identification and mapping can occur, Ardent Solution provides full data inventory with essential parameters for data search and mapping. This is done by installing software to scan available data. Once this scan is complete, data inventory with intelligent data points to determine what information business needs to care about. Ardent solution uses an exclusive process that provides intelligent decision points on mapping and organizing data. This process is a precursor to our data minimization offering. Also, this is key step in fulfilling DSAR (Data Subject Access Request) responses. CCPA mandates to respond to DSAR requests in 45 days which needs an inventory of data businesses have about individuals and households.

Data Identification and mapping
Once you have effective and accurate data inventory data needs to be identified and tagged appropriately. Ardent solution provides the ability for identification and tagging of data assets and automating that process as data volumes are large. It also provides a means to label or classify data based on business needs.