Applied Risk

Brief Overview

Applied Risk is focused on critical infrastructure security and combating security breaches that pose a significant threat. Operating on a global scale, they work with a wealth of large organisations that rely on expertise to safeguard their critical assets. Their proven experience of identifying vulnerabilities and security risks is based on methodologies honed over years of conducting assessments in industrial environments. Their engineering experience and cyber security knowledge proves invaluable in securing the critical infrastructures and industrial assets of companies across the globe.


Applied Risk BV
Teleportboulevard 110
1043 EJ Amsterdam


Jalal Bouhdada – Founder


Applied Risk was founded in 2012 by Jalal Bouhdada. It offers its services to firms in the power, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, water, manufacturing, and chemical industries.

Key Competitors

AppSec Labs

Products and Services

Applied Risk provides a range of solutions consist of IACS security, ICS/SCADA security assessment and penetration testing, RVA assessment, embedded security assessment, medical devices security assessment, and IoT security assurance:

• ICS Cyber Security Awareness Training – Provides the security know-how to help protect businesses against increasingly prevalent security risks and compliance mismanagement
• Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) Security – Helps asset owners, operators and suppliers to address the risks and challenges of process control security and design
• ICS/SCADA Security Assessment & Penetration Testing – Helps organisations to protect critical infrastructure by identifying and validating known security vulnerabilities for both public-facing and internal resources

Applied Risk also provides Risk and Vulnerability Assessments, Embedded Security Assessments, Medical Devices Security Assessments, and IoT Security Assurance Services.