Antiy Labs

Brief Overview

Antiy Labs provides an anti-virus SDK engine and next-generation anti-virus services for PC and mobile malware.


Antiy Labs
P.O. Box 898
Harbin, 150001


Xinguang Xiao serves as Chief Architect at Antiy Labs, and is a member of the Information Security Committee of the Internet Society of China.


Antiy Labs was founded in 2000. The Chinese company is one of the first anti-virus solution companies in the world.

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Products and Services

Antiy Labs provides a next-generation anti-virus engine toolkits for solution providers to combat malware on PCs and mobile devices. The Antiy Labs anti-virus engine solution (including its Ghostbuster solution) offerings is available in a professional for-pay version as well as in free download, and can be grouped as follows:

• AVL SDK for Mobile – Offers anti-virus solutions for mobile security products or services.
• AVL SDK for Network – Offers anti-virus capability for network devices include firewalls, UTM systems, routers, and so on.
• Supporting Services – Antiy Labs offers a range of open malware cloud detection, backend automatic malware analysis, and other services.