Brief Overview

Absio provides a data security solution that allows organizations and private users to securely store and share email messages and data externally, while maintaining control of its use.


Absio Corporation
8740 Lucent Boulevard
Suite 101
Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80129
Tel: 720) 836 – 1222


Rob Kilgore serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Absio. He was previously CEO of WealthTouch.


Dan Kruger founded Absio in 2009. The small, privately held company is headquartered in Colorado. Absio received $4.75M in venture financing in December 2014.

Key Competitors

Voltage, Symantec, McAfee

Products and Services

Absio allows organizations and users to maintain control of how their data is used, as it is stored and shared externally. Absio’s data security solution includes two components: Absio Message and Absio Engine. Users establish service identities on the Absio network and can request other users to add them to their trusted contact list. The Absio Engine automatically manages the cryptography required to ensure privacy in any subsequent communication. Absio Message is designed to look like a regular email client and can be deployed for either personal or organization use. Absio Dispatch is a plug-in secure email application for Microsoft Outlook.

Absio Message is now called Dispatch.