Learn how the TAG Cyber team can enhance your enterprise security awareness program with a series of tailored cartoons. Dr. Edward Amoroso has teamed with Rich Powell, famed Mad Magazine illustrator to create the Charlie Ciso cartoon strip – enjoyed each week by security professionals around the world. The creators of this strip are excited to custom-design a series of security awareness cartoons for you!

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Cyber security awareness is best achieved through effective communication. At TAG Cyber, we have decades of experience designing and running some of the largest employee and third-party awareness campaigns in the world at AT&T. Now we can bring this expertise to your own awareness program.

The approach we’ve taken at TAG Cyber involves creating cartoons to drive employee traffic to awareness websites. The content is based on the preferred security awareness messages of the enterprise. And the TAG Cyber team develops cartoons to reinforce those messages with humor.

The content can also be used as the basis for building entrance posters, hallway billboards, email messaging, screensaver images, and many other applications. The idea is that employees and third parties can be communicated with more effectively with cartoons and humor than dry messages.

Each year, TAG Cyber can create a limited number of security awareness cartoons for organizations with programs that would benefit from such expert attention. Our cartoon content can span all industrial and government sectors. Our expertise spans architectural, technical, compliance, and management aspects of cyber.

We offer the following TAG Cyber Security Awareness Cartoons for Enterprise and Government organizations of all sizes and scopes (with special rates for non-profits):

  • Tailored Awareness Cartoons: Dr. Edward Amoroso will develop tailored scripts to your specification, and Rich Powell will create the cartoon images. It’s that simple.
  • Event Cartoons: Have someone retiring? Someone getting promoted? Someone on the team having a birthday? We can create a tailored cartoon to commemorate the event!
  • Product Mascots: If you’d like a fun product or team mascot, we have experience developing custom characters to embed in your marketing and communication materials.
  • Awareness Messaging: Dr. Edward Amoroso will work with your team on proper messaging for your employees and third parties if you need such assistance.

If you are interested in engaging our security awareness services, please drop us a note via the contact form on this site. We will quickly respond and engage in a brief discussion to determine whether we are the best group to add value. In cases where we cannot, we will help you find the right partner.

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